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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Inclusive schlumisive

Being inclusive and tolerant is such a bother.

We Have A Whiner!

We have a winner for this week's whine on careers. BakaChichi says:
The dictionary defines career as: move headlong at high speed. So why is mine taking so damn long?
Yeah, what he said. Now for this week's whine.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Whine for March 5 - 12: Careers

Dang, I hate the fact that there are careers. Don't you?

Let the whines begin....


We Have A Whiner!

Of the whines on last week's topic (Mardi Gras), we've picked our whiner:
Why don't they televise the Mardi Gras parade? I mean, after all. The networks do get to see the Rose Parade, and the Thanksgiving Day parade. Why not Mardi Gras? Tsk.
Yeah, what she said. Sure, there was a lot of coverage of Mardi Gras in general, and frequent shots of revelers on and off floats, but why not pick a parade and cover it from start to finish? Hm?